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We'd like to thank Beast and Babe for allowing us permission to use their product photography in this demo store. Here's a bit about them:

We started Beast + Babe because we believe that the journey matters. That we have enough "stuff" so things we own should be well-made and special from the inside out. We are passionate about the process, creating magic, looking at adorable photos of dogs, meeting awesome new people (and animals), and celebrating good vibes. What started as a handmade dog leash to cruise the streets of Venice Beach, has become a full-time labor of love and a studio of babes (and of course their dogs) that listen to funky beats, occasionally drink too much coffee, and hand-craft badass goods in a Los Angeles garage/ studio. 

We carefully select artisan and vintage fabrics to center each piece. They cost a little more but we think they're worth it. Each fabric has a special story, whether it was hand-loomed by artisans in Guatemala or carried babies up the Himalayan mountains for a half-decade, these piece have a lot of "soul" and age really gracefully (trust us, you'll see). We're also passionate about animals and how special they make life. We’re partnered with an non-profit called Peace Animals who works to spay and neuter homeless and neglected dogs and cats in Mexico. With every item purchased we are able to provide treatment and vaccinations for fleas, ticks, worms and mange to an animal in need.